Monthly subscriptions

Just For Fans

Everyone pays $14.99. If you live in the UK or EU then JFF has a big advantage over the other subscription sites as there’s no VAT added to the price.

MoRE expensive – only fans

If you live in the UK or EU then OnlyFans will charge VAT on your subscription. So while the headline ($14.99) price is the same as on JFF, subscribers in the UK or EU will actually be charged $17.99 as this amount includes VAT.

3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions

Best value – Just For Fans

No matter where you live in the world, the cheapest multi-month subsriptions are on JFF.

Again, if you live in the UK or EU, the price you see on JFF is the price you pay (ie. no VAT or sales tax is added).

More Expensive – Only Fans

There are three mulit-month subscription options on my OnlyFans page.

Unlike JFF, OnlyFans are based in the UK and therefore required to charge VAT to UK and EU residents.

UK / EURest of the world
three months$35.08$29.23
six months$64.73$53.96
twelve months$107.93$89.94